Exterior Design


Audley Designs will work within any budget. We are determined to present you with innovative designs that offer creative design solutions for any room to meet your highest standards. Our expertise and great attention is in the details. We incorporate the finest interior finishes with the finest furniture, luxurious textiles, luminous lighting, distinctive decorative objects and fine art.

  • Outdoor Living

    • Exterior Design:Outdoor Living
    • Exterior Design:Outdoor Dining
    • Exterior Design:Outdoor Kitchens
    • Exterior Design:Outdoor Fireplaces
    • Exterior Design:Outdoor Furniture
    • Exterior Design:Patios &Decking
    • Exterior Design:Pool Design &Planning
    • Exterior Design:Landscaping


    • Consultation:
      • Exterior Design
      • Exterior Painting
      • Exterior Lighting
      • Exterior Roofing
      • Exterior Windows
      • Exterior Doors
      • Exterior Hardware
      • Exterior Stone
      • Exterior Brick

  • Exterior Renovations

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